Dan Pei

Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 10084  

E-mail:   /Users/peidan/public_html/email.png

Phone:    +86(10)62792837


I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science Department at Tsinghua University, China, sponsored by Chinese goverment's "Global Talents Recruitment (Youth) Program". Before joining Tsinghua University in late 2012, I was a co-founder and the founding CEO of a mobile health company in Beijing. From 2005 and 2011, I worked as a researcher at AT&T Labs -- Research, Florham Park, New Jersey. I am an ACM senior member and an IEEE senior member. A short bio is available here in English and here in Chinese. My CV is available in PDF format here (last updated on July 2018).

Here are my publications, Google Scholar Profile and patents. Most recent papers/slides are downloadable from here.

Here is my Linkedin Page and Tsinghua CSD page (in Chinese).

I lead the Network Management (NetMan) lab at Tsinghua. My current research interests are network management and application performance management in general. My group build REAL systems that measure the REAL data from the networks and applications, process the using Big Data techniques such as Machine Learning, and solve their REAL performance and security problems.

My Research is currently funded by:

  • NSFC 61472214: Operobot (Network & Service Operation Robot). PI. This project is also in collaboration with Baidu.com
  • NSFC 61472210: Cooperative Performance Improvement among Autonomous Wi-Fi Networks. Co-PI. We plan to build a real system that help millions of autonoumous Wi-Fi networks improve performance.
  • 973 Program 2013CB329105: Complex Network Behavbior and Its Gaming Theory Perspective. Co-PI
  • NSFC Key Program 61233007: Networking Protocols for Smart Grid. Co-PI
  • Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology key projects: WiFi Union. PI
  • Global Talent Recruitment (Youth) Program. SmoothApp: App Performance Management through Big Data Analytics. PI

In addition to above goverment funding, I am working with Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Sogou, and Didi on varies exciting joint projects.


My recent conference TPC services:

  • ACM IMC 2017
  • SREcon Asia/Austrilia 2017
  • ACM IMC 2016
  • ACM ICN 2016
  • ACM CoNext 2016
  • IEEE LANMAN 2016
  • IEEE Workshop on Big Data and Machine Learning in Telecom 2016

I am very fortuante to work with these students

From 2014 to 2018, I have supervised J42, a senior class in Tsinghua Computer Science Department.

I also try to be a good tutor for a fifth-grader.