Safe AP

Safe AP Project

With the dense deployment of wireless devices and Internet of Things ( IoT ), more and more service go through APs. In residential wireless networks, APs become the centralized controllers of the whole smart staff. While the development of the wireless bring us great convince, it also raise the stake of the security.

However, the characteristics of the residential networks are not friendly for security issues:

  • Easy to access and various clients
  • No professional administrators
  • Limited resources
  • Hard for common users to configuration

During our study, we will focus on the security of the residential APs ( home and public areas like cafeterias or shopping malls). We provide a small testbed consisting of APs from different vendors. We also provide an android APP for testing in the wild.

AP Testbed


The testbed consists of several APs and a server. All the APs are connected together via LAN ports using a #48 switch.

The server can be accessed through SSH for further test against the APs.


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