WiFi Union: Innovate for better WiFi experience

  • Project Introduction

The challenge has been raised that the autonomous, dense, and chaotic deployment of residential wireless networks has seriously infected the performance of wireless devices. The unsatisfying efficiency of wireless networks meet neither the expectation of users nor the demand of the current and future growth of Mobile Internet and Internet of Things (IoT).

The solution we want to propose is a cooperation model for autonomous home wireless networks based on users’ demand. Through months of theoretical study and architectural modeling, we eventually impress users with a system built on real deployed access points on top of open-sourced OpenWrt firmware. In the near future, we will take further step towards an centralized coordinator, and standard API between OpenWrt software and the coordinator.

The function of our powerful system :

  • monitoring home wireless environment
  • troubleshooting performance degrading
  • analyzing high-level user behavior
  • optimizing overall network performance

Our system violate no personal privacy. We are looking forward thorough test and wide adaption. May our effort finally contribute to the growth of  residential wireless system, further on mobile Internet and IoT.

This project are funned by:

  1. NSFC 61472210: Coorapative Performance Improvement among Autonomous Wi-Fi Networks. Co-PI.
  2. Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology key projects: WiFi Union. PI
  • WiFi Union Measurement Plan

Under the guidance of “work on real data and solve real problems“, we plan to distribute hundreds of Free Access Points to the students in Tsinghua University and let students use them as their primary router to access the Internet. These free access points are equipped with the WiFi Union measurement tool to get the performance issues while using, such as round trip time, RSSI and retry ratio. Using the measured real data, we will find the effective way to optimize the performance of distributed WiFi Union Access Points, e.g., reduce the WiFi hop latency or improve the available WiFi hop throughput.

If you are interested to being one of the volunteers of WiFi Union and getting Free Access Point, please read the following material (User Agreement in Chinese) carefully and fulfill the form listed here. (Get WiFi Union Free AP).

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