Advanced Network Management-spring2016


May 28th: materials for week 15-16 updated

May 22nd: papers/slides for Week 14 updated



General Information

Course Number


Class Time

9:50am-12:15pm Wednesday


Six-Jiao 6B-410

Project task deadlines

Project 1: Analyzing Search Logs in Practice 

  • task1: 03/23 11:59pm
  • task2: 04/06 11:59pm
  • task3: 04/27 11:59pm

Project 2: Investigating Factors that affect WiFi Latency

  • task1: 05/11 11:59pm
  • task2: 05/18 11:59pm
  • task3: 06/01 11:59pm 



Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 10084


Office: East Main Building 9-319

Mail: [email protected]

  • Project 1 mentor: Dapeng Liu liudp10(at)mails(dot)tsinghua(dot)edu(dot)cn






Course Description

Course Number


Required text

Reference texts
Computer Networking: Top-Down Approach (6th Edition)
by James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross.
Statistical Data Mining Tutorials
by Andrew Moore.

You are expected to be familiar with at least one programming language. You should have taken an undergraduate Computer Networks or related course.

Attendence: 20%; Project 1:40%; Project 2: 40%
Each project has a mentor, and each student finishes each project by himself or herself.



This course is a graduate course and is primarily project-oriented. It aims to teach students how to build REAL systems that measure the REAL data from the networks and services, process the using Big Data techniques such as Machine Learning, and solve their REAL performance and security problems.

Through case studies based on recent research papers in top network conferences, this course will cover the latest research progress in network management in these areas: measurement, anomaly detection, diagnosis, and mitigation. Along the way, we will also briefly review techniques that have broader applications more than just network management, such as time series analysis, association rule mining, and machine learning.

This course focuses on how to improve the performance of Mobile Internet:

  • Targeted Services: Web-based Services such as search engine, online shopping and social networking; Video Streaming Services.
  • Targeted Networks: Enterprise WiFi Network, Residential WiFi & Broadband Networks, Cellular Networks, and Data Center Networks.
  • Targeted Devices: Smart Phones.



Week Date Topic, Papers, Slides and Reading List
1 Feb 24 Course Introduction & Network Basics
2 Mar 2 Web-based services (1)
3 Mar 9 Web-based services (2)
4 Mar 16 Web-based services (3)
5 Mar 23 Anomaly detection
6 Mar 30 Video streaming (1)
7 Apr 6 Video streaming (2)
8 Apr 13 No Class. Read Smart phone reading list
9 Apr 20 Smart phone
10 Apr 27 WiFi
11 May 4 No Class. Tsinghua Holiday
12 May 11 Anomaly localization
13 May 18 Dependency Discovery
14 May 25 Root Cause Analysis
15 Jun 1 Big Data Analytics System (1)
16 Jun 8 Big Data Analytics System (2)


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  • Statistics and Machine Learning Tools 

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  • Public Resources

Deep Learning Resources

Longman Dictionary of American English

Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control (4th Edition) by George E. P. Box, Gwilym M. Jenkins, Gregory C. Reinsel.

Big Data Systems course materials by Professor Zhi Wang

               Spark Summit 


Internet Measurement Data Catalog

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Sound Measurement

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