Haibin Li

Master Student of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University
Email:  [email protected]

Short Biography

I am a Master student of Tsinghua University, advised by Dan Pei. I am interested in data-driven research in networking systems and security problems. My research now focuses on user behavior anomaly and insider threat detection in big data environments based on machine learning.


  • How Vulnerable Is the Public WiFi AP You Are Using?
    Ruming Tang, Haibin Li, Kaixin Sui, Zihao Jin, Xiao Yang, Dan Pei and Beichuan Zhang
    ICCCN 2017,  Vancouver, Canada, 31 July-4 August 2017.
  • 一种无监督的数据库用户行为异常检测方法
    李海斌,李  琦,汤汝鸣,吴  珺,吕志远,裴  丹,史俊杰,董  旭,房双德,杨一飞,吴  烨
    Paper  (A journal paper, no slides)
  • CoFlux: Robustly Correlating KPIs by Fluctuations for Service Troubleshooting
    Ya Su, Youjian Zhao, Wentao Xia, Rong Liu, Jiabao Bu, Jing Zhu, Yuanpu Cao, Haibin Li, Chenhao Niu, Yiyin Zhang, Zhaogang Wang, Dan Pei
    IWQOS 2019, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, June 24-25 2019
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