Minghan Fu (傅明晗)


Undergraduate in Tsinghua University, Department of Electronic Engineering

Email: fmh12(at)mails.tsinghua.edu.cn

Tel: +86-18611180326


Brief Biograph:

I am a senior student in Tsinghua University, currently working as a research assistant with Prof. Dan Pei. My current interest lies in the application of  Machine Learning and cluster system over massive data analysis.


Previous Academic Work:

Minghan Fu, Ahmed Arafa, Sennur Ulukus, Wei Chen, Delay Minimal Policies in Energy Harvesting Broadcast Channels, accepted by ICC, IEEE, Oct. 2015


Current Academic Work:

Cake : A New Machine Learning and Data Mining Platform for Toolbox Integration and Experts Cooperation

For Detail Information, please check the project page.




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