WiFi Union: better WiFi performance, safety, privacy, & utility through unified sharing and machine learning

WiFi has become the dominant access method for the mobile Internet. However,  its performance, safety, and privacy are far from satisfying, and its potential utility for studying human behavior is far from fully explored. WiFi Union project aims to achieve better WiFi performance, safety, privacy, & utility. Intelligence is the key to achieve these goals, and  our approach is to obtain the intelligence needed through sharing and  machine learning in a union of various parties in the WiFi world, including users, residential AP owners, SOHO AP owners, enterprise WiFi operators, commercial WiFi operators, AP manufacturers, chip manufacturers, smart phone manufacturers, mobile operating system manufacturers.

Towards above goal, we start our long-term WiFi Union project which explores various directions to how coordinated and unionized efforts among different WiFi parties  can help us go step by step towards a better WiFi world, a union of all WiFi parties.

Our WiFi data collection includes WiFi data from a university campus with about 60K people,  3000 APs (and growing),  and a couple of popular university Apps with more than 10K downloads, an WiFi AP testbeds with 100+ (and growing) deployed OpenWrt-based APs in the wild, a testbed with 300 OpenWrt-based  APs, a couple of dozens of Android smart phones,  a couple of dozens of Raspberry Pis, and a kit (one cisco AC, 7 cisco APs) for providing WiFi-based Internet access for large events (e.g. those held in Tsinghua Main Auditorium)

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